Orpheus And Me


Cold-hearted she left me

In an emotional mess

When love comes to an end

There’s just pain and death


I should have learned 

To never trust her words

But her tempting smile of the cruelest kind

Appealed to my twisted mind


Then I gave you my heart

So you had something to crush

To leave your own kind of mark

To fill the stewardess now missing part


What once was 

Will never be

Time won’t heal any wounds

Just ask Orpheus and me

Like a bacchante 

She tore my heart apart

You can get another kind of wound 

From a stewardess in blue skirt 


That sort of depravation 

I would easily give it up

If you came back to my life

And showered me with love


Like in the world of Corot

We ought to take a walk

But for lost love

You’re a poison not a cure


What once was...

She’ll caress you

But not more than once

A touch like epic poetry

By the hand of Orpheus’ mom


What once was...

Time is just a wait for death

Just ask Orpheus and me

Why did you became

My own Eurydice 

The difference is that she loved Orpheus

While you abandoned me

Just like Orpheus 

I had my second loss

An endless epicedium 

All hope and love is gone

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