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In an age when music is talked about in terms of being consumed, then pride and resistance are more important than ever. Music should be experienced and listened to. It should be done in the most dignifying way possible. Streaming and downloading should only be used to preview music. If you listen to a song or an album about five to ten times and it appeals to you, then you should buy the CD or vinyl, because you will have a piece of art in your hands, complete with words and pictures, to be listened to, to be experienced. The proper, true, honest and only way.

Would you read just one chapter of a book, look at ten percent of a movie, look at one corner of a painting or slice these pieces of art up and mix them randomly with other works of art?  Following the advises and you will discover that music is the most complete and wide ranging artform there is. Open your senses to the music and you will feel the presence of Aglaia. Let an album be your Alma mater.

She will be there for you, forever.


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